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The practical significance of organic fertilizer detector

With the modernization of agricultural production, the role of different fertilizers has gradually emerged, among which, organic fertilizers are particularly prominent. In the past, farmers tended to choose fertilizers based on their comprehensive nutrient content, ignoring their sustainable effectiveness. However, with the popularization of modern planting concepts, farmers have gradually realized that only by choosing fertilizers that can increase soil fertility and protect the soil environment can they obtain sustainable benefits. Because of this, organic fertilizers have become the first choice.

The rich organic matter and various nutrients contained in the organic fertilizer can promote the formation of a stable aggregate structure in the soil, making the soil loose and fertile. At the same time, organic fertilizer can also enhance the soil’s ability to retain water and fertilizer, reduce the loss of nutrients, keep the fertilizer efficiency of the soil stable and sufficient, and ensure the increase in production and income of agricultural crops. However, since most of the raw materials of organic fertilizers are some plant residues, animal manures and domestic wastes, etc., the problem of pollution is unavoidable. Therefore, it is necessary to use an instrument to test it before applying organic fertilizer.

The organic fertilizer detector can measure the organic matter, humic acid, trace elements and other components in the fertilizer, and visualize the content, allowing farmers to intuitively and simply understand the nutritional value of the fertilizer, and provide a reference for timely adjustment of the fertilization ratio plan. . In addition, through the high-precision data analysis of the instrument, it is possible to identify the quality of the fertilizer itself. On the one hand, it guides farmers to choose suitable fertilizers and protects the rights and interests of farmers as consumers; on the other hand, it avoids fertilizers polluting agricultural products. Residues cause food safety problems and protect people’s health.

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Post time: Sep-07-2022