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Plant Root System Analyzer

FK-G101 is a professional root analysis system for root washing, which can analyze root length, diameter, area, volume, root tip count, etc. It is powerful and easy to operate, and the software can analyze the morphology of plant roots, color, graded extension analysis and overall structure distribution of root system, etc. It is widely used in the study of root morphology and structure.
II. Principle.
The FK-G101 root analysis system uses a high quality graphic scanner to obtain high resolution color images or black and white images of plant roots. The scanner has a special dual light source illumination system installed under the scanning panel and in the upper cover, and a dual light source calibration area is reserved on the scanning panel. In addition, dedicated, high-transparency root placement trays of different sizes are available. During scanning, the light source under the sweep panel and the light source in the upper cover simultaneously sweep through the root samples in the high-transparency root tray, thus avoiding the effects of shadows and unevenness that tend to occur when roots are scanned and effectively ensuring the quality of the acquired images.


Post time: Nov-30-2022