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Plant root analyzer is suitable for the study of root morphology and structure

As the saying goes, “the roots are deep and the leaves are flourishing”. really. As the main organ for plants to absorb nutrients and water from the soil, how the development of the root system is closely related to its overall growth situation directly determines the future yield and quality of its products. You must know that the root system plays an important role in the sessile growth of plants. It can not only support and fix plants, but also generate organic matter that is conducive to plant growth and store nutrients for plant development. At the same time, as the host of microorganisms in the soil, the root system can increase the activity of microorganisms, accelerate the absorption and utilization rate of nitrogen by plants, reduce the production of harmful bacteria, and avoid root diseases. In addition, because plants are deeply embedded in the soil and absorb nutrients from it, the analysis of the root system can also judge the fertility status of the soil and understand the quality of the soil environment. It can be said that measuring the root system of plants can kill two birds with one stone. The plant root system analyzer is a root system analysis used after root washing. It is stable in performance, easy to operate and easy to learn. Through the color analysis of plant roots, the survival number of roots can be obtained, and parameters such as length, diameter, surface area, and volume of roots can be obtained. At the same time, the instrument can automatically remove impurities, monitor, count, and analyze the results in real time, avoiding errors caused by impurity interference and inaccurate analysis, and ensuring the high precision of the results. The plant root analyzer not only provides a scientific basis for agricultural production, but also guides the research on root form and structure, contributing to the harmonious coexistence between man and nature. Building a bridge of communication between humans and natural creatures with the power of modern technology is of great significance to the protection of the ecological environment.

morphology and structure

Post time: Sep-07-2022