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Frequency vibration field insecticidal lamp FK-S10

Short Description:

Frequency vibration insect killing lamp (light control, rain control, time control) type

Automatic turn on the light in the evening, the light will turn off automatically in the daytime and the light will be off automatically in rainy days

All weather weather, rain, lightning, high temperature, corrosion

Automatic protection in rainy days ★ broad spectrum killing ★ large amount of insects induced

The insect killing lamp is equipped with lightning protection discharge pipe, and the lightning weather does not damage the lamp body.

If the power is turned on during the day, the insect killing lamp will turn off automatically after 5 seconds. This is normal phenomenon, mainly due to the light built-in light control detection

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Technical parameters

1. Frequency induced control technology, in accordance with gb/t24689.2-2009 frequency vibration type insect killing standard

2. Induced light source: frequency oscillator (wavelength 320-680nm)

3. In accordance with Q / JD 01-2007 standard

4. Impact area: ≥ 0.15 M2

5. The grid adopts arc resistant coating material, with the diameter of 0.6mm and the grid voltage of 2300 ± 115V

6. The cross network of contact killing insects is wound in a spiral way to prevent short circuit of the residual grid of insect body. The network spacing can be selected according to different target pests (generally ≤ 10 mm)

7. Automatic protection in rainy days: when the humidity is greater than 95% RH, the frequency vibration lamp can enter the automatic protection state, and it can work normally when the humidity is not more than 95% RH

8. Insulation column: it is resistant to high temperature at 1000 ℃ in a moment, corrosion resistance and high voltage performance. In rainy days, the high voltage power grid shall be continuously arc pulled for 30min, and the insulation column shall be free of carbonization

9. Control area: 30-60 Mu

10. Power supply voltage / frequency: 220v/50hz

11. Voltage fluctuation range: normal operation at 160v-280v

12. Insulation resistance: ≥ 2.5m Ω

13. Power: < 35W

14. Design life: 3-5 years

15. When the power supply voltage is 200-280v, the lighting time of the lamp tube: < 5S

16. When the power supply voltage is 160-200v, the lighting time of the lamp tube is ≤ 15s

Can be induced

(1) Forest pests: birch, spring inchworm, pine caterpillar, poplar white moth, American white moth, lampworm, willow moth, Paragonimus, petiole beetle, cicada;

(2) Fruit tree pests: heartworm, fruit sucking nocitha, peach moth;

(3) Cotton pests: bollworm, red bollworm, big bridge making insect, small bridge making insect, tobacco green worm, moth of ground tiger

(4) Vegetable pests: beet noctuea, Spodoptera, Plutella, cheybug, vegetable dusk, mole cricket;

(5) Rice pests: rice dusk, rice borer, rice borer, rice vertical leaf dusk, black tail leafhopper, rice planthopper;

(6) Wheat pests: moth and MYXOSOMA;

(7) Pests of miscellaneous grain: sorghum bar dusk, corn borer, soybean heartworm, soybean moth, millet drill;

(8) Storage pests: big grain theft, millet pilfer, medicinal material a, moth, black powder;

(9) Grassland pests: Asian locust, grassland dusk, leaf armour;

(10) Underground pests: beetles, moths, mole crickets.

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